25 Years in the Making

Launching a website like Twitter, growing big time like Facebook and only then start fleshing out a moderation policy is only possible because of Section 230. The internet looks and works the way it does, because of this law. Whether you thinks it’s good or bad, there is shift happening and maybe, just maybe, all those big websites need to rethink their strategy.

It’s called Section 230 — and for the past quarter-century, it’s shaped the internet for better and worse.

Section 230 protects any owner or user of an “interactive computer service” — typically an app or website — from liability for content that someone else posted. Over the past few years, it’s drawn the ire of conservative politicians who want to punish “Big Tech” for banning users, but also lawmakers and activists who say it lets web services knowingly allow harassment, nonconsensual sexual imagery, and other illegal material.

The Verge